Independence Day, 2017

U.S. Flag
U.S. Flag
It’s the 4th of July. Independence Day. A day of celebration.

It was on July 4th, 1776, that the Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, signed The Declaration of Independence. If you want a history of Independence Day, check out the History of the Fourth of July over at, where they also have a pretty neat video. In case you just want to see the video only, I’ve posted it below.

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I am at home tonight, after a couple of days in New Hampshire. I managed to get everything done that I needed to, plus spend a day with my Mother.

We also got to eat some ice cream together at a road side ice cream stand. Hey, when my mother wants to eat some ice cream, who am I to argue? She raised me better than that!

For the record, I had Cherry Vanilla.

Anyway, I am sitting here tonight, multitasking again. Writing this blog, watching the Red Sox, and trying to assist with supper. Spaghetti and meatballs tonight. So far, so good, as I’m not covered in spaghetti sauce, so I don’t have to do a load of laundry tonight.

Earlier this evening, I got a text from my eldest daughter, wishing me a Happy Independence Day. I asked her what she and her husband and daughter were up to. They were at the in-laws, and had gone ATVing earlier in the day. So I then asked the obvious question.

When was my granddaughter going to get her own ATV?

OK, obviously at 10-months of age, it might be just a little too soon to be thinking about such things, but as “The World’s Best Grandpa, Ever!” it is my job to make sure she has everything she will ever need.

Kind of like what everyone who has ever worn a uniform and fought to protect this country for the past 241 years has done. Made sure we can enjoy our lives in peace, whether it’s watching a ball game, or enjoying a day out ATVing.

Or just having some ice cream.