The House on Christmas Street

The House on Christmas Street

The House on Christmas Street
The House on Christmas Street

Let me tell you about my friend
Soon heading out of town
She heads off at Christmas time
To where folks gather ’round
Most times of the year the homes look like all the rest
Oh, but in December, well, they simply look their best

Well, if you happen to know my friend Judy Pancoast, you probably know her song, “The House on Christmas Street”. If I were to suddenly start to write my blog in song lyrics, it might look like the paragraph above.

Fortunately, Judy is the Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter. Me? I’m just a guy with a blog.

When Judy and I met over five years ago, we quickly found out that we had many things in common.

We had both worked twice at the same radio station, just obviously not at the same time.

I used to sing, and I was pretty darn good at it as well. OK, it was back in Elementary school, and there were four of us guys who were in the Soprano section, and we could out sing all the girls. But, then puberty hit, and . . .

Anyway, Judy does sing. She does mostly songs for children. When she is doing a show, she gets those kids involved, and they just love it.

I’ve helped her out a couple of times now at these events. One time, she and I were together at an event at a YMCA. Along with us both doing a radio remote broadcast, she was also singing in the Y gym. Midway through her set, she calls on me to help the kids sing during the chorus of one of her songs. We were in different parts of the gym, and after trying to talk (yell, actually) my way out of singing, I finally just gave her a thumbs-up.

The song had to do with Ladybugs. All I remember is that all I, the kids and the audience had to do is repeat singing “Ladybug, Ladybug!” after Judy sang it.

So, Judy started the song, and then she got to the chorus.

Now, picture if you will, a professional singer, in the middle of a song, suddenly realizing that the person she has, on purpose, called upon to sing… can not carry a tune.

And, apparently, said person does not know he can’t sing. Or perhaps, he just doesn’t care, because he is singing very loudly and having way too much fun singing with the kids.

Yeah, we had a blast that day!

Anyway, back to “The House on Christmas Street”. This song is one that has taken off, all on it’s own, so to speak, and can be found as part of the playlist of songs that people put a synchronized light show to, especially if they have “47 thousand twinkling lights, and Santa Clause up on the roof!” Then, some folks thought it would be nice if Judy could come over and sing live, and from that humble beginning, Judy has toured the country, and even has gone over to England, singing Christmas songs.

The 2017 tour starts on November 30th in Pennsylvania, and has her going from sea to shining sea (sort of). Judy heads westward until she gets to Washington state. From there, she heads south to California, then it’s east to Texas and then Florida. Finally, she heads back towards home, via Kentucky. All the shows raise money for local charities.

If you want to see the entire schedule, it can be found on her website, and if you happen to be near one of her shows, please go and see her.

Tell her that Arthur sent you. Of course, she’ll probably start telling you stories about me.