What’s Your Name

Mini Hamburgers
Mini Hamburgers
Everybody is doing it.

With all the talk generated by IHOP on Monday changing their name, albeit temporarily, to IHOb, in a marketing ploy to let the world know that they now also sell hamburgers, it got me to thinking.

As some of you know, that could be dangerous.

First, I went to the website “What’s in a Name” and searched for “Arthur”. This is what I found:

“English of unknown origin, possibly Irish… [M]ay be from Celtic “bear”, or irish Gaelic “stone”…”

So, I guess that makes me an unknown bear made of stone. So much for stealing pic-a-nic baskets from campers in Jellystone Park! At least Ranger Smith should be happy about that.

Since IHOP changed their name, other companies have followed suit. Burger King changed to Pancake King, and A&W Root Beer flipped their entire logo upside down, although they admitted they did not know what their A&W logo upside down meant.

Even non-food companies got into the name-change thing, like Netflix changing to Netflib.

Wendy’s is having a lot of fun with IHOP and their publicity stunt on Twitter. Especially funny was their “Thunder BearSword” tweet.

As for me, now I’m thinking of changing my name. But what should I change it to? Somehow, “Unknown StoneBear” just doesn’t quite seem right. So, I’m taking suggestions. Just click the “Leave a comment” link below and tell me what you think my publicity-stunt name change should be.

And yes, I will post the best suggestions.