It Sure Is Monday

Everything is ready to go. My new radio adventure starts on Monday. I’m just not sure how much I should read into the fact that it also happens to be on Tax Day. Anyway, here are the details.

Sand Point Lighthouse in Escanaba, Michigan
Sand Point Lighthouse in Escanaba, Michigan

UPDATE: While I started working on Monday, April 15th, I won’t be on air until next Monday, April 22nd.

I will be doing weekday mornings, 6 to 10 AM, on Kix Country 104.7 WYKX in Escanaba, Michigan. I’m crossing my fingers that day one will go smoothly. The first day in a new studio, using equipment you’ve never used before, is always an adventure. But it is one that I am ready for, even if I occasionally hit the wrong button.

That’s the fun of live radio, working without a net!

If you would like to listen in as I start this new chapter in my radio career, and you aren’t close enough to listen in on the radio, you can catch the live webstream by clicking right here on this link.

I’ve been spending some time the past few days with my new radio family. I’ve been welcomed with open arms. I’ve also spent some time out and about here in Escabana, and I’ve found everybody I’ve had a chance to interact with very friendly.

I’m going to have fun here. I sure hope that you get the chance to join me.