Dead Skunk

Have you ever have one of those days?

No, there is no dead skunk in the middle of my road. It’s something worse.

Yesterday was the first really hot and sticky day around my world this year. Yes, we had had just a couple of hot days, but there was no accompanied humidity to go with them.

I had managed to not have to install the window air conditioner this year. In fact, I stayed downstairs all day, where it wasn’t bad. Because heat rises.

Upstairs, however, was a different story.

Now, last night, while watching my beloved Red Sox have an off-night against the Yankees, my eldest daughter and I made some plans to meet up for breakfast the next morning. It would be her and our youngest granddaughter and me and my wife.

Several weeks ago, the last time both my wife and I saw our youngest granddaughter together, she was sporting a new shirt, which across the front proclaimed to the world, “I’m the BIG Sister!”

As I write this, I haven’t been told yet if the blanket will be Blue or Pink. But, the good Lord willing, the storks expected arrival date will be just before Christmas.

Now, our youngest granddaughter is still a little over two months shy of her second birthday, and we’ve been witness to her progressing from making sounds, to making a few words, to stringing together lots of sounds that would be a real sentence if there were real words in there someplace, to making real sentences.

She is also learning her colors, and does a great job of “coloring”. Which at her current age means she colors on the paper, and not on the table.

I can hope that I was that smart when I was her age. I do know that I drove a car for the first time when I was probably around age four. Mom had gone inside the house, probably taking in a load of groceries, and I jumped over the front seat and shifted the car into neutral.

The car went down the driveway and into the ditch.

Nobody, not even the car, got hurt, although I think at least one of my two baby sisters was screaming afterwards.

My mom used to have a picture of me, with a big wide grin on my face, standing in our driveway, with the car in the background and a tow truck driver trying to get a chain hooked to the frame of the car so he could winch it out.

It was maybe fourteen years later before I put a car in a ditch again. It was my Dad’s work car. One I was pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to be driving. Fortunately, the guy up the road from that ditch had a farm tractor, and he came and pulled me out.

I’m pretty sure that Dad never knew.

Anyway, back to last night. I headed up to the bedroom early, thanks to the Yankees, and I figured I would install the air conditioner before I hit the sack.

Except that when I got to the front stairwell, I could smell it. A very much not dead skunk.

Last year, we had a neighborhood skunk. It got so bad, I stared putting cayenne pepper around both the front and side doorways, in an effort to make sure it didn’t dawdle around our house.

It works, until it rains. Which it did almost all day Thursday and again yesterday early evening.

Now, my son finally set a humane trap and caught last years skunk. Unfortunately, no one would come and take it away. So he very carefully and very gently covered the cage trap, and a little later very gently picked up the trap and put it in the bed of his pickup. He took it several miles out of town and set it free.

Pepé Le Pew
Pepé Le Pew

I do not think that this is the very same skunk from last year, but you never know.

So, not wanting to wrestle with a heavy hunk of plastic and steel last night, while hanging precariously from a second floor window, with enough of the unmistakable perfume from Pepé Le Pew swirling around to make me nauseous, I just turned on a fan and swirled the not yet skunk-infused air around my room all night.

I’ll be forced to put the air conditioner in later today, of course. But first, I have a breakfast date with three very special and very lovely ladies.

I am so blessed.