Loves Me Like a Rock

Yesterday I was able to catch up and spend a little time with my eldest daughter and my youngest granddaughter.

They were going to go to a local park to spend a little time playing. Otherwise known as burning off a little energy before going home so that hopefully the evening would be a little quieter.

I don’t see my youngest granddaughter anywhere near as much as I would like, partly because I try not to be one of those grandparents who hover over their grandchildren all the time and end up causing family problems. However, a year ago I was able to spend a day with her on a weekly basis for about two months, and it was amazing to watch the growth and changes happening every week.

The growth continues to occur fast and furious. She is now walking quite freely, and quickly, on her own. Once she was down on the ground, off she went.

At the same time, she is also very cautious. Climbing up steps? No problem. Sliding down the slide? She is not exactly thrilled with that activity yet. And as for dealing with any elevation change, like the one and a half inch difference between the sidewalk and the ground? That is enough for her to completely change direction and find a path that is the same height as the sidewalk.

She is also much move talkative, although most of it still is not English as we know it.

She also seems to have what I call OCS. Only Child Syndrome. Any of you who have witnessed that in a child know exactly what I mean. Most children either grow out of it, or are forced out when they lose their membership in the Only Child Club.

One of the most important things I saw yesterday was just how much she sees and pays attention to things. Like the leaf that she chased for about 30 feet or so as it was pushed along the ground by the breeze.

While we were walking on the sidewalk at the park, I saw a little rock. At the time, my granddaughter was several feet behind me, with her attention focused on something else. So, I gave a little kick to the rock, sending it back toward the nearby dirt path that would obviously be a much better home for the rock than the cement sidewalk.

What I didn’t know was my granddaughter had changed her focus and saw me kick the rock.

The next thing I knew, my granddaughter was going around me and heading directly toward the little rock, which had not made it all the way to the dirt path but had stayed on the sidewalk.

When she got to the rock, she attempted to do what she had just seen me do. She had the kicking part down, but full coordination just wasn’t there yet.

Another couple of weeks, and I think she will not only have all the mechanics of kicking down, she’ll be going for distance.

The other thing I noticed yesterday is she is starting to recognize me. Because I don’t see her much, we had gone through that phase where she didn’t really want me holding her, or even really being near her, unless she decided to come near me. While her Mother wasn’t really pleased about that, I had no problem with it. I was still a stranger to her, and her wanting to not be near a strange person was a good thing.

But yesterday, when they arrived at the park, I looked inside the car and waved to her, and after a couple of seconds, she waved back. So I climbed into the back seat of her mothers car to get her out of her car seat, and she reached up to me to be picked up.

When it was time to go, she of course didn’t want to leave. After her Mom had her back in the car seat, I moved toward the front of the vehicle, and waved at her through the windshield.

She immediately waved back.

Yep, she certainly is a smart one.