Walk of Life

Just in case you thought I might have disappeared, you have my apologies about the length of time since my last blog post. It seems that I have been just much more busy than I thought recently on my walk of life.

sneakers walking
sneakers walking
January came and went without much fanfare. Even my birthday was subdued this year, but that was OK. It was on a Tuesday. You know, the day between “Hump Day” and “Wait, the weekend’s over?” I did, however, get my now (almost) annual Strawberry Birthday Cake.

February, on the other hand, has been about as busy as January was not. Much of the stuff that my daughter’s family stored in my barn when they sold their house one week before she gave birth to my Grandson has now headed to their new home, which they purchased earlier this month. Several things needed to get done before they moved in, like painting the walls and carpeting the floors.

My littlest Granddaughter got a “Frozen” themed paint job for her bedroom. This included an ice castle and twinkling lights and snow flakes. She loves the movie, and when watching it she now sings along and also acts out some of the songs. Pretty good for a two-and-a-half year old!

As for my Grandson, his bedroom has a forest theme, with trees and animals everywhere. And a moose. Of course, at only three months old, he doesn’t understand any of this yet. Give him a couple of years.

Late last week, though, he got sick. A stomach flu was going around, and he got it on Thursday. After a trip to the doctors office (because when you are that young and stuff is coming out both ends at the same time, you want to make sure that all is OK), my wife and I spent several hours with him and his Mom. Partly this was to allow her more painting time (trees and castles don’t paint themselves!), but also to cuddle and give much needed Grandparent love to the little guy.

I am happy to say that that extra dose of love was just what he needed. He was looking much better when we finally left than when we had initially arrived. All was now good and right in my world.

Unfortunately, that all came to an end late Friday night, when that same stomach flu bug kicked me in the gut. I’ll spare you all the gory details.

Much of Saturday was spent taking care of a rather fussy Grandson. Left over after effects of the stomach flu. Having been gut punched for several hours the night before, there was only so much strength I had available, so Grammy took on the brunt of the care duties. I did what I could for short spurts to give her a break. Meanwhile, his parents were trying to get everything out of their storage unit, so that they wouldn’t have to pay for another months rent now that they had the new house.

All went well, until they came to pick him up. Given the recent weather, we had some ice on our driveway, and our daughter slipped and fell, jamming her fingers into the truck door and dropping our Granddaughter on her butt on the frozen snow.

Our granddaughter was fine. She was more concerned about her Mommy. So the parents went off to the hospital, leaving both Grandchildren with my wife and I.

After a couple of hours and an X-Ray, the hospital put a Band-Aid on one of my daughters fingers and sent her home. Seriously! Fortunately, they had found that there had been no damage done. So they came and gathered up their children, as well as a casserole my wife whipped up so they didn’t have to cook when they got home, and off they went.

Sunday was a rest day, but we didn’t want it to be. The official Birthday party for our oldest Granddaughter was held, but neither my wife nor I had the energy to attend. We will give her our present later today, her official unofficial Birthday. It kind of gets complicated for those born on February 29th.

But such is the Walk of Life!