Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again

Monday was a rainy day. The trouble was, no one really knew it was coming.

I did a quick trip down to Florida last weekend, to gather up some more of Dad’s stuff and continue to get things cleared up down there. The plan was to get in, get done, and get back out. Quickly, and with no issues.

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men!

Sunday night, I went to bed, figuring an early start on Monday morning.

Early came early, as in thunder. I wasn’t all that worried because, after all, I was on the Gulf Coast and these storms just kind of pop-up during the summer. I’d already seen several over the weekend. So, I went back to bed.

By the time I got up again, it was still raining, and there was a little wind.

Upon further review, it seemed that there was a storm that just kind of “appeared” off the coast, and it was starting to get stronger and form into something.

Very quickly, especially in weather terms, it became a tropical depression, and then became Tropical Storm Emily.

And guess who was in the expected path?

When all was said and done, there was a lot of rain and a little flooding and some minor damage right along the coast, but as I was a couple miles inland, it was just a rainy day with some wind.

So basically, I finished up my work, and headed back home. Slightly delayed and pretty damp, but nothing really major.

I figure that I still have at least one more trip to take care of things, then I’ll be done. But it won’t be my last, of course.

Penny on Dad's gravestone
Penny on Dad’s gravestone
One pleasant surprise was when I first got into town, I went to visit Dad, and found that his headstone had arrived and was in place.

After I spent some time chatting with Dad, I left a penny on his headstone. And it will not be the last one I leave.