Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)

Tonight is a “me” night. Mostly.

My wife and I are home, early for us, mainly because she has started a college class and she needs to do a bunch of stuff tonight.

As for me, I’m using this time to catch back up with all of you. And assist with the technical computer stuff for my wife’s on-line class.

This winter has been interesting. We’ve had a bunch of snow, and even with the temperatures up into the low 50’s this past weekend, there is still over a foot of snow in the back yard.

a flock of turkeys
a flock of turkeys
We are also surrounded by lots of wildlife here. Usually I see a couple of deer every day or so, and this past weekend I had to wait for a flock of turkeys to cross the road.

Meanwhile, work is fun, but many days are longer than I’d like them to be. A couple of days a week on WYKX I get regulars who are either in the studio or on the phone with me, and I get to have some fun with them. Other times, folks will drop by and we chat about their latest project, and despite the fact that they get to see me being about as weird in person as I am on the radio, many of them come back again and again.

But then, morning radio is allowed to be a little crazy, as long as the listeners also know that when things get serious, crazy goes away for a while.

Being in charge (of the music and the programming and the operations), I’ve had to learn some things on-the-fly (new to me software, for example). I have also had to learn to not loose my cool when things go completely wrong (and most, but not all, of the time I am successful at that).

One of my latest projects has been an overhaul of our AM station, WDBC. For years that station had been programmed from away and fed music from a satellite. The service we were using decided to pull the plug on the satellite feed, so I’m programming it now, here in-house, as an Adult Contemporary station. In fact, once we have the web stream up, it will sound very familiar to many of you who listened to the Wave. I’ve got more work to do, but it’s starting to get and sound very close.

We also have new studios being built, and once they are ready we’ll be moving. I think it will go very similar to my move out here almost a year ago. I went from a house to an apartment, and the stations will be moving from their own building into an office suite. I have no idea where some of the stuff we have here is going to go.

Oh well, when the time comes, we’ll just have to hire some folks with much stronger backs than me to get things moved a quickly as possible.

And I will take pictures of them crossing the road.