Cancer Stinks

There is no nicer way to put this: Cancer Stinks.

This is NOT the Memorial Day Weekend I expected to have.

As I type this, I am in Terminal B at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, waiting for my second flight of the day. And it isn’t even Noon yet.

Yesterday, I was visiting my brother, one of my sisters and my Mom. Late last night, my siblings and I were booking a flight to see my Dad in Florida.

I’ll keep this post with a “G” rating (or at least a “PG” rating).

Cancer stinks, and it has come for my Dad.

The cancer didn’t just show up all of a sudden out of nowhere. Dad has been fighting his cancer for many years now. This is battle number three, and unfortunately, this time it is about to win.

So the three of us were on the road just after 3 AM. There is almost zero traffic on the road that early in the day. A little heavy spotty ground fog, but nothing too bad. In fact, the entire trip so far has been uneventful. We even got to Atlanta about 30 minutes early, which made our layover 4 hours long.

If this keeps up, we’ll get to Tampa International Airport, pick up the rental car, and head on down the highway. We should be at Dad’s by 4 PM, or maybe a little later. That all depends on how quick we can pick up the rental car, of course.

My sister and brother will be back on the road tomorrow afternoon, heading home and back to work on Tuesday. I will hang out in Florida for a while.

It’s time for Dad’s final journey. I’ll do what I need to do to help him.

I will post again tomorrow. It will be Memorial Day. That deserves it’s own blog post.

I’ll see you then.