Takin’ Care of Business

It’s the weekend here in my world. That means there are a lot of things to do. Some of them I want to do, some I need to do, and some I’d rather be doing. Yeah, I know. Big news flash there!

First, I’ve been working for the past three weeks. It’s a temporary position with a local business, covering for one of their regular employees while he is on a family vacation. I’ve got two more weeks (and a day) of work to go before he gets back. A long vacation, for sure, before his eldest son heads off to college this fall.

An SUV towing a trailer
An SUV towing a trailer
My Dad used to take the family on summer vacations. The five of us (this was before my “kid” brother arrived on the scene) and our German Shepard “Willie” would pile into the car, with a rented travel trailer in tow, and off we would go. Once we just went up the road a bit to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and a couple of times we went to Canada, with destinations like Montreal, Quebec City, the Gaspé Peninsula and Nova Scotia.

For one of our biggest vacation adventures, we headed west along the Trans-Canada Highway, which included several days across the Canadian Plains. During our last travel day in the Plains, we could start to see hills way off in the distance as the sun was setting in front of us.

Imagine our surprise when we woke up the next morning in a campground, smack dab in the middle of the Rocky Mountains!

One of our destinations that trip was Banff, Alberta. We went out onto the Athabasca Glacier, and later we took a Gondola ride up Sulphur Mountain. We tried to get back down the mountain in time to take an evening boat ride, but we just missed getting back down in time. However, probably because we were a family with three young kids, they took us out on another boat to catch up with the tour boat.

The next day we headed a little further west, then turned south. Our next destination was the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We spent a couple of days in Yellowstone, seeing as many of the geysers and paint pots and bison as we could.

The final adventure of this vacation was unplanned. It was August 31st, and time to head east and home to get us kids back in time for the first day of school. However, a snow storm had forced the Park Service to close the East Gate. So, towing a travel trailer in a snow storm, my Dad headed west, over the Continental Dive, and out the West Gate. Then we headed south to Salt Lake City, where we spent most of a day sightseeing to let the storm get farther ahead of us before we heading east.

When we would catch up with the storm, we would stop for a bit. Fortunately, it would usually be at a meal time, so that was an advantage. But Dad was insistent that us kids would be back home in time for school.

Yes, we made it home the night before school started.

It also happened to be our last summer vacation. The next year, my folks bought a summer home on the beach, which also had rental rooms and a few apartments. After that, our summer vacation was making other peoples summer vacation the best it could be.

This was also where I got my first summer jobs, and also where I would meet my wife, but that is a story for another day.

As for my family, I took my wife and kids on a big cross country vacation trip several years ago. I will share with you all about that adventure soon.