One Piece at a Time

First, I am not complaining. Even if it might read that way.

With both my wife and I working, days have been long for both of us. The reason: Currently we only have one vehicle.

This means that we both have to get up early, so that we can get me to work on time. Then she has to wait around for a while, before she takes the van and drives to work.

This, of course, means I have no vehicle until her work day is done, and she can come and pick me up. Then we can go home, or shopping, or whatever.

Now, obviously the solution to this problem is for me to get my own car. Which sounds much easier than its turning out to be.

Every time we are ready to go look at the vehicles available, something is needed on her van. Some, like new snow tires, were expected. But other issues are quite the opposite.

Before the snow tires, we lost the air conditioning system. Sounds like no big deal, except the van is so big, it’s impossible to cool it down if the weather is hot, and also impossible to defog the windshield when the air is moist, unless the air is working.

And now that we’re ready again to go looking, we seem to have a small leak in the radiator system. We haven’t found the leak yet, but we certainly can smell it!

Adding to our woes is we now also need to replace the front wheel bearings.

These issues would be so much easier to find and get fixed if we had two vehicles. But we can’t pay for another vehicle until after we pay for the repairs on our current one.

A real Catch-22.

So for now, we both have to work each others schedule, while we fix things. One piece at a time.

At this rate, maybe that will be how we have to get a new vehicle also.