The True Meaning of Christmas

Last night, I got the best Christmas gift ever.

My wife and I hosted our family Christmas party, and it was simply fantastic. All three of our kids, their partners and three of our four Grandchildren all got together to celebrate the season.

The food we shared consisted of stuffed shells, spaghetti and meatballs, prime rib, and M&M’s. The first two my wife cooked, my son cooked the meat, and the M&M’s were my idea. That should explain an awful lot about my cooking expertise.

10 with 10
10 with 10

After our meal, we all gathered ’round the Christmas Tree, going through our stockings, opening gifts, laughing and enjoying the company. Our 10-year-old and 2-year-old Granddaughters kept each other busy, while our families newest addition (at all of 10 days old!) mostly slept and ate a little. Nothing says Peace and Joy more than a newborn baby. What better gift can a Grandfather get than to feed his Grandson while sitting around a Christmas Tree, surrounded by family, and then have his Grandson throw up baby spit all over both shoulders!

That should definitely explain to all of you just how proud I am of all my children and Grandchildren.

Today, of course, is Christmas Eve. Most of our family will get together at church tonight, where we will all celebrate and be reminded of who we are truly celebrating. It is the season of giving, and my profound wish to you, dear reader, is that you are able to give to your family and friends much more than you could ever receive, and that the love that you get back from them, be they in their senior years, or 10 years old, or just 10 days old, mean more to you than you could ever repay.

Merry Christmas to one and all!