Computers can be so much fun

Yes, computers can be fun. They also have become important tools to get work done. Heck, people have their entire lives stored on their computers.

So, what happens when they fail?

I have one main computer, a desktop computer which I did all my “work” work on. It started messing up in late April, to the point where I was unable to use it anymore. Fortunately, I had backup plans, and was able to continue to get my daily work done on-time.

That computer went to my computer repair guy a couple of weeks ago. After he ran all his tests, he determined that the hard drive was failing (which is better than if the hard drive HAD failed!). Obviously, a replacement was needed, and he ordered the correct one.

A word about my computer guy. He is a one-man store. He does some great work, but he can’t stock every single piece of computer gizmo part. Including every variation of 2-Terabyte hard drives.

When the hard drive arrived, he noticed that the box it was in was all banged up. He has been a part of this rodeo before, so he tested the hard drive right away. Which takes a while when you are testing 2-Terabytes of hard drive space.

The test confirmed his fears. The hard drive had way too many bad sectors on it. As he tells me, with that many errors, it would be almost better to leave the old hard drive in my computer.


So, we wait for a replacement hard drive to arrive. It might come in today (or it might not), but either way, it will be sometime next week before my main desktop computer is back.

I also have two laptops. One of them is my primary laptop, which I use daily for just about everything, including email. Email is my main contact with lots of folks.

So, imagine what would happen if that laptop goes down. Unfortunately, I don’t have to imagine it. Yesterday, after I just simply ignored a couple of weeks of my laptop just really acting a bit weird, it went full-tilt crazy. Basically, it wouldn’t turn on, then when I finally did get it running, I couldn’t go back to a previous restore point (note: I had installed a new program on Monday, and backtracking is the first thing you do to see if that new program is the problem). But when that took a long time, and then failed, I knew I was in over my head.

So now, my computer repair guy has two of my computers. Initial testing showed that it was possible that I was losing my second hard drive this month. The complete test is occurring as I type this and should be finished late this afternoon. It is only a 1-Terabyte hard drive, after all. My computer guy has already asked me if I want to upgrade to a 2-Terabyte drive.

Fortunately, I have a second laptop, which works just fine, except that the battery is very weak, which is understandable since this laptop is over five years old. But before I replace the battery, I will need to pony up for one or two hard drives first.

Oh, and for the record, this laptop has a 500-Gigabyte hard drive.

I’m crossing my fingers.