Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Guess who I got to have fun with this past weekend?

Saturday, my wife and I were invited up to spend some quality time with our daughter and two-year-old granddaughter. Seems that hubby/daddy happened to be spending the weekend with several members of his side of the family, out on the ATV trails.

Now, I don’t know if this trip was planned around our states hunting schedule or not, but if it was the timing was great. Hunting season hasn’t started yet, unless you’re in a specially designated area hunting for deer with bow and arrows, or you’re hunting for bears with dogs. Or bait. And no, the dogs can not be used as bait.

But with our granddaughter being just a bit too young, and our daughter being due in December, they were both home. And possibly just a bit bored. So, with the added bonus of having supper with them (not that we needed a food bribe to come visit, of course!), off we went.

When we arrived, we found our granddaughter sitting on the kitchen counter, with her feet in the sink, splashing about in about an inch of soapy water. She had a cup in each hand, which she would use to pour the sink water from one cup to the other, then back into the sink and all over her legs, all the while laughing and giggling and having a grand old time.

It didn’t take long for Grampy and Grammy to be playing along with her. She found it fascinating that if she poured water into my cupped hands, the water stayed in my hands, until she put the cup under my hands and commanded that the water go back into her cup. Suddenly, the water disappeared, and then when I moved my hands, the water was magically back in her cup!

When Mommy and Grammy went to sit and talk at the dining room table, of course she wanted them to come back and play. That is, until Grampy dumped some water on her legs.

She and I played for about an hour or so, and we didn’t really make too much of a mess.

After supper, we all decorated a Halloween sun-catcher. You know, the ones at the dollar store that come with four different paint colors. Designed for use by those ages three and up.

That nights lesson was that you should not open all four paint cups at the same time for a two-year-old. Even one who is as smart as a whip as my granddaughter is. All four colors mixed together turned her ghost into a gray blob. She did manage to keep almost every drop of paint off the table.

By bedtime, she was tired and just a little bit cranky, but she still joyfully gave Grammy and I hugs and kisses. Multiple times. And when we finally left, she willingly headed upstairs with Mommy. And unless I hear otherwise, I will believe that she was a little angel for the rest of the night.

girls selfie
girls selfie
Sunday, my 10-year-old granddaughter and her BFF cohort in crime were together, talking and making noise around 9 AM. The subject? Boys.

I didn’t hear the entire conversation, but I did hear just enough to know that I, and their parents, had nothing to worry about. Yet.

After her BFF returned home, we went to go have lunch. We actually walked to a nearby restaurant, because she decided that she wanted to. Something about needing exercise. I didn’t mind, because we got to chat about anything and everything that came to her head while we walked.

When we got there, I ordered a sandwich and she ordered a salad without croutons, which I got to tease her about when our meals took a little too long to arrive. She wouldn’t believe me that it takes extra time to take the croutons out of a salad.

We talked all through lunch, and then continued when we walked to the local pet store, where she of course wanted me to buy her a bird. Then a Bearded Dragon. Then a mouse. Then a gerbil. Then … well, you get the picture.

What she really wanted to see was a hedgehog, but that was at the other pet store across town. So we started heading that way, past the restaurant we had just eaten at. Then, reality set in (or her feet were tired), so we headed home. Talking all the way. Having fun.

As they both grow up, I will miss these days with my granddaughters. Because girls just wanna have fun. That’s all they really want.