Time to Pick Up the Pieces

Time to start to pick up the pieces.

It has taken me a while to catch back up and get back to blogging. Lots of things have been going on, including a few website failures. That took some time to get corrected, but I’ve been able to pick up those pieces and this website appears to be back to normal.

We had my Dad’s interment in mid-June. It was a glorious Florida morning, which was very nice. We had seen rain part of every day for about a week prior to that Friday. My brother and sister who had flown down with me and then returned home for work, flew back down from Manchester, along with my aunt (Dad’s sister). Their trip was uneventful. My wife and eldest daughter flew down from Bangor and while their trip down was relatively uneventful, their flight was delayed. This was a good thing, as I was also delayed getting to the airport to pick them up due to an accident that stopped traffic for over an hour.

They all came in on Thursday, and it was nice that we had all afternoon and evening to spend time together. With one sibling in Hawaii and the rest of us in New England, it is difficult for all of us to get together. The four of us posed for pictures that afternoon, and nearly had a family of cranes photo-bomb the event!

Early Saturday morning, my wife and our daughter and I headed back to the airport. Later that morning, we were back home, me for the first time in almost three weeks.

About a week and a half later, my wife and I were back in Florida. This was a previously scheduled visit, one that was supposed to be us having a day or two to ourselves and also spend a couple of days checking on Dad. Instead, we spent most of the week by ourselves, mostly starting to pick up the pieces to be able to settle Dad’s estate.

I’ll fast-forward now to today. I went to New Hampshire yesterday, so that I could finish up some estate things and also assist my Mom with some paperwork she needed to get done. That all went well, and as I type this, I’m also watching the Red Sox with my brother and his wife. It’s been fun, sitting back and partly watching the game, partly watching the crowd, and eating cheese balls.

Don’t judge me. I’m sure I’ll be paying for eating them around 3 AM or so.

Tomorrow is Independence Day. I’ll be one of those on the road tomorrow, making the five-hour trip to return home. We’ll chat again after I get back.

Rest In Peace, Dad

I was awoken at 2:30 this morning, because Dad was in trouble. He was having trouble breathing.

It was a gurgling sound that he was making, and I have heard that sound before, just before my Mother-in-law passed last month.

We made a call to the respite folks. They suggested that we roll him on to his side, to hopefully drain the fluid building up in his throat. But it didn’t work.

A second call was made, and two angels came as quickly as they could.

The nurse who came was absolutely outstanding. She, with the help of her trainee, did everything they could to make Dad more comfortable. Then, they took a little time to make us feel better.

Meanwhile, we had contacted my sister and her husband, who had flown in from Hawaii last night (they were just next door, so they came right over). It’s a long trip to Florida, especially right after the Memorial Day weekend, but they made it in Tuesday evening and got to spend a little time with Dad. They had hardly any communication, unfortunately, but Dad knew his eldest daughter had finally made it in to see him. The rest of us “kids” had come in over the weekend.

Then the angels went back to work. They did more to help Dad feel better and cleaned him up. Finally, the head nurse / angel noticed that Dad’s eyes and eyelids had “stuff” on them. So, she cleaned his eyes.

With his eyes now clear so that he could see where he was going, he took his final breath.

My Dad, whose first gift he ever gave to me was his own name, was 81. And to this day, I am proud to wear that moniker.

Rest in peace, Dad. Someday, we shall meet again.