With Liberty and Justice for All

Justice for All
Justice for All
OK, I know what you have been thinking. Where has Arthur gone now? It has been a couple of weeks since he last posted. Is he on vacation? Hey, I want to be on vacation! Where is the justice in this?

Well, the most important thing I have done over the past few weeks is I had Jury Duty.

I’m not going to bore you with the case or what was decided or any of those minute details of what we the jury had to decide. You’re welcome.

This was actually the second time I had the opportunity to be on a jury. The first time was several years ago. I showed up at our Court House on the appointed day and sat through the process of actual jury selection, but that month there was not a whole lot of cases and I was not selected to serve.

This time, there were four civil cases upcoming, and I was selected for one of them.

Now that I have sat through my case, I’m actually glad I have finally done my civic duty. While the process could be excessively boring at times, I knew that it was an important part of our entire legal system. We the People are deserving of our day in Court, when necessary, and also deserve to have disputes settled by a jury of our peers. Justice is for all, no matter their age or wealth or social status.

Do I want to have to do this again? No, at least not any time soon. But if I am ever selected to serve on a jury again, I have an even better understanding of what is involved, and I am grateful for what our founding fathers decided was a fundamental right for those in a free country.

Liberty and justice is for all in this country, and it is worth the time when we are asked to participate.