While You See A Chance

Sometimes, when you aren’t looking, an opportunity will suddenly present itself to you.

While it may not look like what you are looking for, something about it just happens to catch your eye.

It is what you do next that is important.

You look it all over, and you start asking yourself questions about the opportunity in front of you. Even when it may not look like the opportunity you are looking for.

You think about it for a moment or two, and then it’s time. Time to either skip right over this potential opportunity…

And usually, that is where we stop. It is not what we are looking for. Not even close. It doesn’t look right, or feel right, or simply just isn’t us. And we just move on, looking for that next shiny object that catches our attention.

But every once in a while, something about an opportunity just happens to strike a chord, and you give it more than just a passing glance. You think about it just a tiny bit longer, and something about it just seems to reach out, calling out to you.

And you take it.

That is what I did two weeks ago. I saw a chance, I took a shot at it, and I got it. I am now a reporter for a weekly news podcast, and my first report was last Friday.

The podcast is called Gun News Review and the podcast itself can be found here as well as a few other places. The podcast gets posted on Friday afternoons.

Now wait! I know some of you may be having an absolute fit right about now, while others are doing a combination fist pump and happy dance. Relax, this weekly podcast is just stories that review what has happened during the past week in gun news. Like a newscast should, this podcast just reports on the facts of those stories.

So now, I can add podcaster to my resume. This opportunity allows me to get in and get a feel for podcasting. It also gives me the opportunity to knock off the rust that started to build up while I’ve been off the air, taking care of my Dad’s affairs after he passed away from cancer. Reading scripts, producing the audio, and all that stuff that is second nature to a broadcast professional needs to be used, to be honed and fine tuned constantly, or else it starts to loose its edge.

Suffice it to say that my first report took much longer to produce than it should have. But now that rust is off and that edge is nice and sharp once again.

I realize that this particular podcast might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s OK. We all have things we like, and things we don’t. But for me, I saw a chance to get back in the groove, and also start something new.

Where will this opportunity lead me? Who knows. Maybe my own podcast someday, or someone will hear me on that platform and decide that I’m perfect for some project that they have.

That is the funny thing about opportunity. Whenever you see a chance, you should take it! Because it can lead to other opportunities, and you never know where that may take you.