Will It Go Round in Circles?

Will It Go Round in Circles?

So, how was your weekend?

Mine was suppossed to be easy, or at least so those who decided what I was going to do this past weekend said it would be.

It is always a fun time when other people make plans for you and then forget to tell you what those new plans are.

Wednesday, I was reminded that the last of my Dad’s things ( Rest In Peace, Dad ) were going to arrive in New Hampshire on Saturday, and everybody needed to get to where the POD was going to be dropped off and gather everything up, because the POD could not stay where it was being delivered to.

Last I had been told, the POD was going to go to Massachusetts. I don’t remember the original ETA date, but I was going to make arrangements to get stuff after it arrived, once I knew what was actually in the POD and made storage arrangements.

So now, suddenly, my weekend plans had to change. Going round in circles.

My sister was trying to rent a truck, but couldn’t get one, so “big brother” stepped in. I rented a trailer on Thursday, which I was going to pick up on Friday and then meet everyone Saturday morning.

Friday morning, my sister realized she had the date wrong. We were to pick up items on Sunday.

More circles! This started a chain reaction with my trailer rental. I’ll save you the boring details (you are welcome!) but when all was said and done, I could not get a trailer locally.

But fear not, dear reader! I just changed my plans (again) and rented a trailer near my sister, which I would pick up late Saturday. Dads stuff would just end up in her garage until we figured out what to do with it all.

Saturday was mostly uneventful. I left my house in plenty of time to have a leisurly drive to arrive at the place I had rented the trailer from.

Unfortunately, that is where my plans crashed and burned.

We hooked the trailer up to my van and plugged it in… and no lights worked on the trailer. More circles!

Long story short, when the trailer hitch was installed on my van a year and a half ago, they ran a power wire from my battery to the “magic box” that interconnected with the van’s wiring. Everything worked great. Unfortunately, several months later I found a long wire hanging out behind my van. Nobody knew what it was, so it was ripped out.

Yeah, now I know what that wire was. I just wish I’d know back then.

So Sunday morning, I have no trailer. I have my van, two nephews with small pickup trucks, and my son with his pickup truck. And none of us knows what, or even how much, is in the POD.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much. We put several boxes in both nephews trucks, and two tall items, a grandfather clock and a curio cabinet, were carefully placed into my van. The mirror in the curio cabinet had broken on its trip up from Florida, so it “jingled” all the way home. As for the clock, I’ll need to get it checked out to get it back working, not only because of the trip, but it hadn’t worked for a while anyway. I belive it won’t be a major issue.

There was another issue that came up once we arrived. My Dad had left me his record collection, which included a bunch of his Dads old 78’s. They were at the same location we were meeting up with the POD. The issue was, I had to get them at the same time we were emptying the POD, which I didn’t know until we arrived.

Dads' and Grandpas' Records
Dads’ and Grandpas’ Records
So we filled my sons truck full of records. They all fit, except for one box that I put in my van.

Sunday night, my son and I emptied out his pickup and placed most of the records on a table in the garage, with several boxes having to go on the floor temporarily. At first glance, only one record did not arrive in one piece.

My plan for them is to organize and clean them up. It is going to take some time, of course. But through these records, I will again be able to spend a lot of quality time with not only my Dad, but with my Grandpa also.

I miss them both, and I will enjoy spending time with them, and their records.