Olympic Rings
Olympic Rings
The Olympics are on! Something to watch and cheer, that can take me away from the trials and tribulations of the world. At least for a while. And given the way this past week went, I can certainly use the distraction.

The theme around my life last week seemed to be about relapses.

Many were minor. So minor, in fact, that I have already forgotten them.

One of them, however, was major. Scary major. As you may remember, my youngest granddaughter had been sick with the flu since the end of December. But just a few weeks ago, everything looked like she was back to normal, and I was looking forward to catching up with her this past weekend.

Until Thursday.

My daughter texted me around mid-afternoon to let me know that they were at the pediatrics office, waiting for an ambulance to arrive that would take them to the hospital that was about 40 minutes or so away. My granddaughter was having a very hard time breathing.

The flu she had had not gone away, or perhaps it was a different strain, but whatever it was had invaded her small chest, making it increasingly hard for her to breath.

After checking to see where I was needed, I called Grandma and filled her in, and then waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

When Grandma got home from work, we made the decision that we were hungry, but we didn’t want to cook anything. So, instead of heading south into town to grab something just a mile down the street, we headed north. To the big city. About 35 minutes away.

About half-way there, we heard from our daughter. All was well, at least for now, but they were staying overnight. Just to make sure, of course.

So Grandma and I spent time visiting on the pediatrics floor of the hospital. Most of the time we were there, granddaughter was in fine spirits, running around the small room we were all in, playing with Mom and Dad and all four grandparents and an aunt, who was kind enough to warn me that she was about to start the driving portion of Driver’s Ed this week. If I remember correctly, I need to stay off the road for an hour on Wednesday.

Everyone believed my granddaughter would be going home Friday morning.

It didn’t happen.

She partly relapsed again Friday morning. It wasn’t until Friday evening that we found out about it.

So the plans changed, with the doctors now expecting to release her sometime Saturday.

The good news is she did get home Saturday afternoon. Grandma and I were planning to visit in the early evening, until our son got a flat tire in the late afternoon. Seems nobody stocks tires for his pickup truck, because almost no vehicle uses that size! Fortunately, we found a place that could get an aggressive tread truck tire in very quickly, so if all goes well, his truck will be sporting new sneakers by the end of today.

And then, there is my primary laptop. I thought I had everything fixed on it, but by the middle of last week, it became very apparent that something was very, very wrong. Random crash and burn wrong.

Relapse wrong.

So, I grabbed a Windows 10 laptop that I already owned, and prepared it to become my new primary computer.

The good news was, the changeover went relatively painlessly on Friday. Even the part I messed up. But, the computer was slow. Very, very slow. Slower than my Windows 8.1 laptop, the computer it was to replace.

Yeah. No way.

So I spent Sunday making sure that I had everything transferred over on to a portable hard drive, which didn’t take very long because I’d already done that on Friday, then wiped everything and restored the 8.1 back to its original condition.

I am pleased to report that everything has gone very well so far. The 8.1 laptop has almost all the files back on it, as well as a couple of the programs I use all the time. OK, there is one program that isn’t working yet, but that is because I’m having issues getting a needed Microsoft core program to install. I’ll get it figured out. Eventually. Maybe.

I also need to get my email program installed. Yes, I am one of those old-school neanderthals that insist on downloading all my emails on to my computer. Fortunately, the older program I use is still available, and it can be set to not delete emails from my Google account, making it simple to get them all back on my laptop. It just takes about half a day or so to accomplish the transfer.

There are still a bunch of updates that are needed to get Windows 8.1 completely up to date. I believe that I should have everything finished by Wednesday. Maybe.

What? You think that it’s taking me too long? Hey, I’m easily distracted. The Olympics are happening.

Go Team USA!


Happy 2018! I certainly hope the new year finds you well and good. As for me, I find myself in recovery mode.

First, my website had been down for about a month. The server that my website is on suffered a massive “crash and burn” in December. Unfortunately, it took the web hosting company I use a long time to recover the server and get my website back up.

As for exactly what happened, I don’t know. I am glad that they finally have things up and working once again. I do know that I will be working to try and make sure that this won’t happen again in the future. Backups are very important, and yes, my website is fully backed-up. However, server crashes are beyond my control.

I am also in recovery mode due to catching some really nasty germs. On Christmas Eve, my one-year-old Granddaughter sneezed twice (in rapid fire mode, to boot) at point-blank range in my face. My wife is a school teacher, and it is normal for her to bring home whatever germs are running around her school.

So, you add both of those together, and I found myself on my couch, under blankets, feeling like crud.

Two trips to my doctors office finally got me on some medicine that is working to get me back on my feet. These pills are so big, they look like “horse pills”! My doctor also has me on a couple of “Over the Counter” meds to help get me back to feeling 100%.

Oh, don’t worry. I am told that my Granddaughter is already back to her usual super cute self. I should be back to 100% in another day or so, and then I can check in on her myself.

Meanwhile, stay healthy, my friends!