Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl
OK, here is an admission. I am not especially proud of it, but it is who I am, and I have grown to become comfortable with it.

I am male. As such, I am also normally clueless.

Being male, I find there are some things that I think or even say that others simply do not understand. Of course, the paradox of that is I talk for a living.

I bring this up because my eldest Granddaughter is about to turn ten. Or two and a half.

Yes, she was born on February 29th. Recently, whenever the subject of her birthday would come up, she would get mad at me when I would say she would “only” be two and a half.

When the subject came up last year, the then not quite 9-year-old thought it was cute.

The paradox is that this year, for some inexplicable reason to my simple male brain, she seemed to like the idea. For about two seconds.

Then, she was mad. She made it quite clear to me that she was going to be ten.

Very clear.

But that was last month. When the Birthday subject came up again last week, she just laughed about it. Then summarily dismissed the thought. And me.

It seems that she is starting to become something that me and my brother males of this world fear.

A young, pre-teen female. Or, as Winston Churchill might say, she is starting to become “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

She is still, for another couple of days at least, only nine. She is trying to navigate through a world that changes direction several times a minute. She is trying to get a hold of a mind that changes thoughts nearly as often.

She is trying to figure out why her BFF’s suddenly don’t like her. At least until they hang out together the next day.

She is trying to fit in at school, at that awkward age where everything, and nothing, makes sense.

She can absolutely hang out at home all by herself (even if her mother isn’t ready for that), just as long as there is an adult at home at the same time. When there is no adult nearby, her very weird Grandfather will do.

She started participating on her school cheering team last year. This year, she added the Y swim team to her busy schedule. I’ve watched her improve at every swim meet this year. I’ve also watched her grow over the past year, so I’m looking forward to see how her cheering has improved at next weekends competition.

Oh, and the subject of her upcoming birthday came up again this weekend. She seemed OK when the subject of her being “only” two-and-a-half came up. In fact, see was actually joking about it with Grandma.

Of course, it was Grandma who brought it up. I suspect that had I brought it up, her response would have been quite different.

Women are still such a paradox to me. Or an enigma. Or whatever.

Most definitely, they are a riddle. An enjoyable riddle.

Happy Birthday, Miss K.