Welcome to My World!

Welcome to my World!

Some of you know me, and some of you don’t.  That’s OK.  Please allow me to introduce myself.

Arthur Wyman
Arthur Wyman

I’m Arthur Wyman.  I’ve worked at many radio stations, most recently at WRMO/WBAN (93.7 & 94.1, the Wave) in Bar Harbor and Bangor, Maine, and sister stations WCYR and WGUY in Bangor.  When the stations were split-up and sold back in December, I was tasked with keeping the Bangor stations operating.

Of course, with new owners come changes, and I became one of those changes at the end of last week.

But… Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.  Change is normal, and change is good (unless, of course, when it is you who loses your job).

Back before I started working at the Wave, I had been operating a website.  I spent a lot of time on it, had a blog, etc.  However, once I started at the Wave, I poured my heart and soul (and time) into the station.  With no where near enough available time, I knew I couldn’t keep the website up the way I wanted to, and so I closed it down.

Now, while I start the search for the next stop in my life, I find that I have the time to return to the world of the Internet Blog, where I will be able to continue to communicate with those who know me (as well as with those who don’t know me… yet).

Obviously, I have some work to do here.  This is a brand new website, after all, and I’ve just moved in with just the bare minimum.  This place still even has that “new paint” smell.  I’ll start moving in my stuff as quick as I can, and make it a place where we can get together to hang out.