Hard Workin’ Man

OK, here it is, almost the end of August, and quite frankly, 2020 has been an absolute nightmare. Everybody has their own story (or two, or three, or more) about how scary it has been.

My last chance to post on this blog, to keep in touch with all of you, was back in the beginning of March. The world was much simpler back then. Employment was still great across the country, and we were only just becoming aware of this thing called COVID-19.

By the end of the month, all heck had broken loose.

For the past five months, I quite literally had maybe maybe two or three days in total that I was not at the radio station. Until last week. But I’ll get to that in my next blog post.

The reason I’ve only had a couple days off was simple. I was already doing my job, plus the work that two others had been doing. But suddenly, our two other employees were furloughed due to the Corona-virus, and I had to cover what they had been doing also.

I had become the stations “Essential Personnel”.

And so, for the past five months, my job (and life) became the following: Get up early, get to the the station around 4:30 or so, update the weather, prep for the morning show, and then have fun with everybody listening in for four hours from 6 to 10 AM.

Then, after grabbing something to eat, it was work work work until I was finally caught up and ran out of things that needed to be done, or until I was caught up enough so I could go home, have supper, and go to bed.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Saturday and Sunday became my days to catch up (are you noticing a theme of always being behind?) and trying to get a jump on the next week.

Obviously, five months of almost non-stop work has it’s down size. You are always tired. You are sometimes cranky. And your body starts complaining. Loudly.

During the past five months, my family had a couple of health scares. Early on, my grandson got very sick. My daughter took him in, and they both got tested for the Corona-virus. They both tested negative, and within two days he was almost back to his normal self, chasing the cat around the house.

My father-in-law also has some health issues.

And the worse part of all of this is all my family is 1,100 miles away, and there was no way, thanks to the Corona-virus, for me to go visit them.

Fortunately, my health seemed to be good. Except for overwork, lack of sleep, and being overly sedentary, since I work on computers all day. The worse I was seeing and feeling was I had started putting on weight. Jokingly, I started calling my weight gain my Covid-19.

The joking stopped last week when I started a rapid acceleration on my second 19 pounds.

I was now tired and very uncomfortable. I decided I had no choice but to do something about it, and I had to start now. So two weeks ago, I had ordered a weight loss program, and it arrived this past Wednesday.

But by then, I was having a hard time breathing, and getting almost no sleep.

So, after my morning air shift last Thursday, I went to see a doctor.

I haven’t been on-air since.

Those details will be in my next blog post, which I promise you will not have to wait five months to read.