We Back

And … We are back.

So, you may ask, where the heck have I been?

The short answer is my website went down when hackers took down my web hosting provider.

I waited for a while, but they never came back, so I parked this website while looking for a new provider. And work got in the way. And my wife and I started doing some weekend exploring trips.

It sometimes takes a while to get back up, especially when you are already over-tasked and don’t have a bunch of available time.

But that is all in the past now. I’ve finally found a new web hosting company, so I’m back. Finally.

My next project here is to finally update the look and feel of my website itself. It is time. And I will get right on that.

Once I find some extra time, of course.

Meanwhile, there are lots of projects happening here at the stations, and I am knee deep in most of them. And a lot deeper than that on one or two.

One of those projects is the stations website has been changed and revamped. It looks great, and as we quickly as we can, we’ll be adding much more to it in the near future. So just keep checking in at escanabaradiogroup.com to see how that project is coming along.

And here, too.

We Back!

Small Town

This past weekend, I had the chance to get out into the community.

Friday afternoon, I was at a local motorcycle dealership. Obviously, they wanted to sell some motorcycles and four-wheelers and accessories. But they also set up a small track to let kids go out and ride kid-sized motorbikes. They even had one that had training wheels mounted to it.

The kids had a blast! Some were very proficient bike riders already, but many were first time riders and most of them had a great time on the bikes.

Then on Saturday, folks got together to help clean up the community. Some went up and down the main street in town, while others went to the park to help start the process of cleaning up what the snows of winter hid from sight for so long.

Parents showed up, bringing along their kids and even grandkids to help clean up and give back to their city. After the cleanup, everyone got back together for hamburgers and hot dogs and prizes donated by community stores.

This is what small town America is all about. Getting together to help out while passing on to the next generation the character building of taking care of and giving back to their communities.

And it continues into this week. Wednesday, an Honor Flight will take over 70 World War II, Korean and Vietnam Veterans to Washington, DC to see the various Memorials, along with a trip to Arlington National Cemetery.

This is small town America at it’s finest. Taking care. Giving back. Honoring those who did what they had to do.

While I was not born here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I grew up in a small town. I learned very young to respect, and to take care, and to do whatever you could to help.

I tip my hat to everyone, everywhere, who help out whenever they can. Even those who didn’t come from a small town.