They Say It’s Your Birthday

Hey Addison, they say it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday to You!

Tomorrow is my youngest granddaughters first birthday.

Everyone is planning a party for tomorrow. Well, those of us from both sides of the family who are nearby will get together and have a party tomorrow. Nothing major, or so I’ve been told.

I believe we’ll have cupcakes. That seems to be just the right size to sugar up a one-year-old. 🙂

Because I am “The Greatest Grandpa, Ever!”, I of course I decided that I had to get the perfect gift. I gave it some thought, then suddenly I knew exactly what to do.

I sent a text to her mother!

Me: What does Mommy want Addison to get for her birthday?

Daughter: Age appropriate whatever.

Daughter: Or winter ish clothing

Me: To go with her snowmobile, right? 😀

Daughter: Yep

Me: Regular or Pink camouflage??

Daughter: Neither!!

Daughter: Just kidding… Pinks fine

Me: OK. I’ll see what I can find. 🙂

Now, before you start sending me “What the heck are you thinking!!” notes, my granddaughter does NOT have her own snowmobile. Seriously, she is not big enough for one. Yet.

So, this past weekend I found the most perfect gift for a one-year-old. Something that is just the right size for her now, and can be made better as she grows.

But I can’t tell you what it is yet. She is a smart cookie, after all, and I’m sure she can already read. Maybe.

pink camouflage
Pink Camouflage
Here is a hint, though. The color is Pink Camouflage, of course!

Don’t worry. I’ll post a picture later.

This coming weekend is Labor Day weekend, and on Sunday we will have a second, and much larger, birthday party. Hey, you only turn one once, so this is a major event! There will be more friends and relatives at this one, including my Mom, so we will obviously be taking a bunch of four-Generation photos.

And eating more cupcakes, of course!

There is only one thing I haven’t figured out yet. Do I get her a second present, one for each party, or not?

Yeah, I guess I need to do some more shopping!